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Tax Preparation Services in Los Angeles, California

Tax Preparation Services

We are a work group Certified Tax Preparers.


we're committed with our clients and their Taxes.


We will do your taxes as required by law.


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We Can help you with the preparation of your taxes

Tax Preparation Services

We take all the necessary measures such as Social Distance and use of mask.

Income Tax Services

We offer Federal Income Tax Reports and Multi-State Income Tax Reports all year round along with electronic filing for Federal and State to get your refund as fast as possible. You may choose to receive your tax refund in the form of a Check, a Direct  Deposit or Visa card.


Individual Tax Returns, Business Tax Returns,  ITIN Number, Tax Questions

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Do you Need the Tax ITIN Number?

By law in the United States everyone who works must file taxes. Paying tax has some benefits such as: Establishing a history of your residence in this country. You could also meet the requirements to receive a credit that would benefit you to increase your refund or decrease the economic amount to pay. Villacorta Professional Services, we can help you obtain your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), if you do not qualify for a social security number and in this way you can file all tax returns.


Our certified tax preparers offer different services
Los Angeles, California

Our company is dedicated to help clients in an efficient, professional and friendly atmosphere, making your visit enjoyable.

Our company commitment is to assist and help the community with their Income Tax Reports providing full service with Federal and State returns.

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Tax E File Federal & State
We can help you with your federal & state tax preparation.
IRS Audit Letters
We can help you
Have you received an audit letter from the IRS? Let us help you in that process
Credits & Refunds
Tax credits are an economic refund provided by the IRS Department of Internal Revenue to taxpayers who meet the requirements to obtain them.


Some credits can be refundable, meaning that the person can add the amount of the credit plus his own refund for extra payments made to the IRS and this increases the taxpayer’s refund. But there are other credits that only help you reduce the Tax to pay. The credit helps you lower the amount you would have to pay. That is why it is very important to have the help of a professional and experienced tax preparer, since there are some cases in which taxpayers can make use of certain credits which allow them to take a larger refund or be able to pay less on their taxes. , but unfortunately their tax preparers did not claim them or, on the contrary, the preparer puts a credit that did not correspond to them and that is a problem for the taxpayer because being subject to an audit they would not know what to do or say why the taxpayer claimed that credit that was not belong him and that error would end in the taxpayer having to return that money to the IRS withe interest and penalties.


Villacorta Professional Services has years of experience as a certified tax preparer in Los Angeles, California.
They can give you the professional help you need.

Villacorta Professional Tax Services – We offer the Income Tax review service as a second review of taxes made in previous years. With the tax review you can find errors that can be corrected and this will not have serious consequences for the taxpayer or claim a credit that was not used and this would allow you to obtain an extra refund.

Certified Tax Preparers

Our office is open all year round; you can feel calm and sure that at no time will you be alone, since our commitment goes beyond preparing your taxes in tax season. We understand the work dynamics of the IRS and we know that after receiving the taxes they continue with the audits and our team is prepared and has the experience to help you in this situation, as well as if for one reason or another you were unable to perform your taxes in the time that the IRS establishes it, we are open here for you and help you reach a payment agreement if you have to pay the United States Department of Internal Revenue and you do not have a problem in the future or receive your maximum reimbursement in accordance with the law.

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Income Tax Services
Villacorta Professional Services
We offer Federal Income Tax Reports and Multi-State Income Tax Reports all year round along with electronic filing for Federal and State to get your refund as fast as possible. You may choose to receive your tax refund in the form of a Check, a Direct  Deposit or Visa card.

//Tax Preparer in Los Angeles

Income Tax Preparation Services

Most common tax credits:



Our Office is in a very central area of ​​the city of Los Angeles, California. We can gladly help you in the preparation of your taxes, we are certified preparers with years of experience and we will help you obtain the maximum refund by law corresponds to you.


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